Brown diamonds have a tint of brownish body color. The brown color group is usually less expensive than other color groups. In their lighter shades, or darker shades they are quite appealing and offer great beauty especially if combined with white diamonds or other colored diamonds.

The Argyle Diamond mine in Australia produce a significant quantity of brown diamonds, and have successfully marketed them using the descriptive names, of "cognac" and "champagne". "Argyle also produces the Rare and treasured pink diamonds".

The common shades are:

  • Very light brown (champagne), medium brown (champagne), Brown (dark champagne), and Dark brown (fancy cognac). A color scale has been devised by Argyle for grading this special color group. 
  • When grading these diamonds Argyle and generally the educated industry use the C1 to C7 grading scale which separates the tone or depth of color progressively.